Five Little Loaves and Two Little Fish

In John 6, tells the story of Jesus teaching before a crowd of 20,000 or more people. They listen to him all day until it is almost nightfall. His disciples get worried because there is no food for the people and they are getting hungry. Jesus challenges the disciples, Philip in particular, to come up with a solution to their problem. Philip comments that they do not have any food nor enough money to feed these people. Andrew finds a small boy with a tiny basket of food, five barley loaves and two small fish. But even Andrew acknowledges that it is not enough to supply the need.

Jesus takes the provisions that they have, instructs the disciples on how to organize the crowd, (in groups of 50 and 100 and sitting on the grass), and gives thanks to God the Father for the blessing of their small basket of food. He then proceeds to feed all of the people until they are full; fuller than they have ever been. The leftovers are gathered and there is enough for each disciple to have a doggie bag for their next road trip.
Jesus uses an insignificant little boy (he is always partial to children) with insufficient resources to demonstrate that our significance and our sufficiency are to be found only in Him. Oh what amazing things Jesus can do with us and through us but he requires several things. We must first recognize our inability to do anything in our own power. We must recognize our powerlessness. Second, we must give everything we have over to Him. Third, we must obey His commands; doing whatever he instructs us to do, and expectedly thank God for what he will provide for us, and do through us. When we obediently take our five loaves and two fishes and place them in Jesus hands, He multiplies our gifts and uses them to feed a hungry world.
As I meditate on this,  I wonder if I have missed experiencing some of the abundant life Jesus promises because I have not given to Jesus all I could give, but only what I wanted to give.


One thought on “Five Little Loaves and Two Little Fish

  1. Sandy – thanks for this message. It was good to read your questions about what may be missed and make me think, too. GBU

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