A Heart Like His

My bible study this week was in John 6 where Jesus feeds the 5000 (or more accurately 20,000). As I read the familiar story the Lord impressed upon me several life lessons.

Although ministry weary and grieving the death of his friend, John the Baptizer, Jesus has compassion on the crowd of people who have been following him.  He changes his plans to retreat and rest and instead spends the day ministering to these people.  The majority of the crowds are thrill seekers really; following Jesus to see what miracle he will perform next.

How many times have I dismissed someone in need of a word, a touch, or a conversation because I am weary, tired, and wanting to escape the needs of people? Have I missed the opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and feet to another? Have I missed out on the chance to be blessed by them?  The tasks of ministry are important but they can seemingly be never-ending. The opportunity to minister to another is fleeting and can go as quickly as it comes.  Give me Dear Lord, eyes like yours to see the needs of people and a heart of compassion which will love them just as they are.


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