Kick Off The Dust of Egypt

Most of are familiar with the story of the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years Picture1before reaching the Promised Land. I often wondered how they felt during that time. Was it difficult to believe the promises of God? Did they struggle to hold onto hope that life would ever change?  All they knew of life was oppression, slavery and bondage. They had been born into that life in Egypt. Stories had been passed down through their ancestors of a life of freedom in a land that was truly their own. But their life was so far removed from those stories that they probably thought they were the ramblings and dreams of old people.

 And this God who was to save them? Where was He? Why was He taking so long to show up? And now that He had spoken to them through Moses, why was it taking so long to enter the Promised Land? Day after day, their life in the desert did not seem much different from their life in Egypt. So they waited.  They were in a holding pattern; out of Egypt but not yet home.

Finally in the book of Joshua, Moses dies and God allows the Israelites to enter the land He first promised to Abraham. The Israelites cross the Jordan River which God parted for them and into the Promised Land. God then instructs them to set up a memorial to remember the day that God parted the waters of the Jordan for them and brought them safely to Gilgal.

There at Gilgal, (a place of grace) God consecrates his people; sets them apart for His purpose. They are to keep themselves holy and be fully devoted followers of the one and only true God. The men are circumcised as a sign of being set apart and Joshua 5:9 says, “And the Lord said to Joshua, ‘Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.’ “

I love this picture of God “rolling away the reproach of Egypt.” It is as if God is saying to His people; “You are no longer slaves and outcasts. You are now free men and women. I have rescued you. I have gone before you to prepare this land for you. Now kick off the dust of Egypt and live like sons and daughters of the Most High God.”

 Beloved, too many of us have been freed by the blood of Jesus yet we are still living with the dust of Egypt on our feet. We allow our past experiences to shape and color our        present.  We have allowed the dust of Egypt to cake around our feet and clog our journey. We may believe in our head that we are new creations but we don’t live like it.

 God has taken away your reproach now kick off the dust of Egypt! Jesus has washed that dust away with His blood. No matter what your past is Jesus has redeemed it and He will use it for his glory. We are NEW creations; forgiven, redeemed, blameless before God, adopted, chosen, holy, have received an inheritance, sealed by the Spirit, alive in Christ, God’s workmanship, created to do good works,  and a citizen of Heaven. Believe it all and live like it for it is all true. Do not believe what your emotions may tell you, your friends or family may tell you. Believe the One who created you and loved you before the foundations of the world were formed. Believe the One who sacrificed His son for you. Believe the One who bled and died for you.  Believe the Spirit that lives within you and you will live with joy and purpose every day.

 I remember when my burdens rolled away;I had carried them for years, night and day.When I sought the blessed Lord, And I took Him at His word,Then at once all my burdens rolled away.



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